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I would definitely recommend this fabulous watch to a friend of mines because it's such a simple watch to wear and it can match with any outfit you plan to wear. Also, it will make a great present for the holidays.
Star [Rating:(5 / 5 stars)]
Review by Robert A, From:USA Soquel
Great Deal, Great Product, will order again...A++++++++ Service..thanks.
Star [Rating:(5 / 5 stars)]
Review by Michelle Parsons, From:U.S.A Rancho Viejo, Texas
This watch is a good value and has the basic features I need. It looks like it is much more expensive. I especialy liked the larger band that is adjustable.
Star [Rating:(5 / 5 stars)]
Review by Michael Weinstein, From:Italy Olbia

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  • Need help deciding between a Submariner 114060 and a Black Bay Steel 79730
    Hello All,I have been doing research in the past couple weeks to decide on my first purchase. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the iconic cyclops and I have got a relatively small wrist. That narrowed my options down to the Rolex Submariner 114060 and Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel 79730. However, it is a difficult decision to make, and I’m hoping to get some advice/ suggestions from your expertise. I have listed some of the major differences/ concerns between the two to ease the comparison. Any input is very much appreciated!DesignThe Submariner (especially this no date model) is probably one of the most classic, versatile and timeless design on the market, full of history. The laser engraved flange ring also completes the design. It’s a Rolex!! No further explanation is required I guess. The Black Bay seems to be a more modern/technical design which is worth mentioning, the military style really gives it a robust, aggressive and unique appearance. On a side note, as an “only watch”, the date window is very convenient but the overall casual design is not as versatile as the Sub. I have also heard the minor details are not too perfect/ aligned, but I’m not sure if that’s a frequent issue.I know this might come down to personal preference, but a second opinion always helps to provide an all-around perspective.MovementSubmariner: Calibre3130, 48-hour Power Reserve, -2/+2 sec/dayBlack Bay: MT5612, 70-hour Power Reserve, -4/+6 sec/dayThe Sub seems to have a much more accurate/premium movement but the Black Bay’s Power Reserve is almost 1 day longer. Do you think this difference is significant when it comes to a practical measure? Do you recommend to use a watch winder when it’s unworn?BezelCeramic vs. Steel. I’m wondering if someone can share their experience about the materials. Although the ceramic bezel is more scratch-resistant, is it more fragile at the same time? Is it going to crack/shatter easily? For the steel bezel, I guess scratches and dings are inevitable? But that doesn’t really concern me as much unless they appear to be super significant.BraceletThis is a no-brainer for me, the Glidelock system is definitely one of the x-factors and makes a world of a difference. Having said that, are the 3-hole increments good enough for day-to-day use in your experience?PriceSubmariner: Approx. $7500Black Bay: Approx: $3500Even though I’m not planning to flip it at all as this is going to be my first watch, but there is a big difference in the price. Considering the Black Bay costs less than half of the Sub, I’m uncertain if the overall performance differentiates that much. On the other hand, if I do decide to purchase the other one as well later on, the price increase of the Sub will definitely be much more significant than the Black Bay. What do you guys think?Many Thanks in advance for your kind response, advice and guidance! Please also let me know if there are other important areas should be considered in the decision making process.Cheers!
  • Patek 5711: Incoming
    As you all know from my previous post, I've been in the market for a 5711. I've been visiting AD's and building a relationship, often hearing the waitlist is 1-2 years. I put a deposit down at a local AD, with an anticipated wait of 1 year. I later on decided that I'll just put my name down at another AD just in case (no deposit required). I later changed my mind and wanted a 5712. After some luck, a different AD told me that a 5712 (blue dial) is coming in and would have my name on it if I wanted so of course I agreed and put down a deposit. I got a call from the AD that I did not place a deposit with this week. He told me he had a 5711 (blue dial) come in and asked if I wanted it. Of course I couldn't turn it down! Long story long (joke), I often read the forums for advice about wait times for certain watches etc. and often see some people getting lucky. This time it was me! Now I have a delimma: keep both the 5711 and 5712 blue dial?! I guess this is a great problem to have! Officially joined the Patek brotherhood!
  • I Owed some Omega Pictures
    Hello all,Some time ago I did a post regarding a project I had done for my boss (Link). In that post I mentioned an Omega that he had given as well. The Omega required a bit more work and has gone back to the watchmaker a couple of times, but I think we are now in pretty good shape.Here is where we started - as best I can tell, this is a OT 14393 from 1960 or so. I did some poking around on the Omega website researching this and I am pretty sure that is the model we are looking at.As you can tell, it came on a 3rd party bracelet and was in pretty bad shape. The dial had already been (poorly) redone - they were a little sloppy in placement and with the amount of adhesive they used.One of the screws had lodged itself in the mechanism as well.Here is a better shot of the dial. You can see some of the misalignment.So, off to the watchmaker for some attention to the movement and the dial went off for refinishing. Nothing to worry about as far as originality as it had already been done. The dial came back slightly off center, so back it went again. At least this gave me some time to try to source a good strap and buckle...So, back it came - it turned out pretty well. No doubt the case has had some abuse, but the dial turned out well and the watch is running strong.You can see all of the stars, although the smaller ones are really feint. The back has some pretty deep scratches, but again - have seen worse.I was able to source a Constellation buckle. The picture does not do it justice - it is in pretty good shape (I should have wiped it down prior to shooting).Generally I think it turned out well. I am going to ask my boss to take it again. He seemed pretty adamant that I should keep it. We'll have to see where that goes!Take care all,B


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