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Omega Omg028 Omega 022 Speedmaster Chrono Auto Blackred Watch Details

  • Dial:Blue Dial (as shown picture in this page)
    Bezel:Stainless Steel
    Metal:Stainless Steel
    Glass:Mineral Glass
    Dial Dimensions:41mm
    Weight:159 gram
    Movement:Japanese Automatic Movement
    Functions:Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date at 6 position (set via crown)
    Chrono Function:Hour at 6, Date at 9, Month at 3 position
    Back:Solid Case Back with detailed engraving
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    Omega OMG012 OMEGA 037 BLUE OMEGA SEAMASTER AMERICAN CUP CHRONO462 0 is so fabulous that it has become the dream of many watch lovers all over the world. The watch shown on the site has reliable quality and comes with affordable price to ordinary people. We provide the best selection for you. All watches displayed here have been inspected and tested meticulously, please rest assured to buy! We only offer high quality and low price watches in order to win repeat customers. Thanks for your visit!
    Omega Watches Renowned around the world as a leading watch brand, Omega is a household name in watch circles. Omega watches are known for their unique combination of precision and elegance. Many people love Omega watches and want to own one in their dream. With an unmistakable design and finishing Omega watches are popular these days like never before. With an extreme attention to details, all watches crafted to meet the exact specifications of the original designs. At present, observing a watch on one hand and a real one on the other, would not be able to tell the difference between the two. Whatever your taste and style, a Omega watch is a must for any occasion.


I purchased this watch for my husband's birthday and he was very impressed. The look and feel of the watch are excellent and so far he hasn't had any problems with it.
Star [Rating:(5 / 5 stars)]
Review by , From:United States Doral/florida
Bought this Roger Dubuis Golden Square watch for a great price for my best half for mom's day. Wow, was she impressed! This is a gorgeous watch - a ton of sparkle, a real attention-getter. It's very feminine. Looks like MUCH more than it costs. Hope it holds up as well as it looks. Highly recommended.
Star [Rating:(5 / 5 stars)]
Review by , From:Spain Fornells De La Selva (girona) Spain
fast shipping, recommandable seller
Star [Rating:(5 / 5 stars)]
Review by , From:Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia Damam / Eastern Province
My wife really loves the Tag Heuer Link CJF2115.BA0594 42mm White Dial Watch watch. It's elegant and tasteful without a lot of glitz and, being Titanium, will be durable and has excatly the number of features she wanted. Thanks.
Star [Rating:(5 / 5 stars)]
Review by , From:Guzman Dallas
I bought this today and I love it! the color is awesome and it is so comfortable! If you are thinking about getting this....just get it!
Star [Rating:(5 / 5 stars)]
Review by , From:Curacao Babam Town

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  • Hands-On: Zenith Launches A Suite Of Three New High Complications In New Materials (Including A Platinum Hurricane)
    Zenith has just announced that three of its most complicated watches, which premiered this year in new case materials, are now available – and we had a chance recently to go hands-on with the new models, and gather some first impressions of these very exotic and very rarely seen timepieces. The new models are a limited edition platinum version of the Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane Georges-Favret Jacot, and titanium versions of the Academy Georges Favret-Jacot (with fusée and chain) and the El Primero Tourbillon. 1 OF 12 Above, Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane Georges Favret-Jacot in platinum The Academy Georges Favret-Jacot was launched, as we reported last year, for the firm’s 150th anniversary and is named for Zenith’s founder, Georges Favret-Jacot, who founded the firm in Le Locle in 1865 at the age of 22. The Academy Georges Favret-Jacot is a technically very interesting watch; it combines a high-frequency escapement (36,000 vph, a frequency which for good reason is strongly identified with Zenith, and the launch of the high frequency El Primero self-winding chronograph in 1969) with a fusée and chain. I’m actually not aware of any other watch from another maker that combines these two particular elements. (As we'll see, the Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane Georges Favret-Jacot also combines a fast-beat escapement with a fuséee and chain.) The fusée and chain, to give a little background, is a device that’s intended to compensate for the fact that as the mainspring unwinds its torque lessens, which can cause unwanted changes in the rate of the watch, thus upsetting accuracy.   The mechanism may actually be older than watch or clockmaking; it appears in Da Vinci’s written work, and the first known depiction of a fusée is in a manuscript showing a device for winding up a crossbow, which dates from 1405 (though it’s also true that you can reasonably date clockmaking in Europe to at least the early 13th century – one of those things we’ll never really know for certain). The idea’s pretty simple: as the mainspring unwinds, it pulls the chain off the fusée cone. The cone widens towards its base (as cones do), which means that as the mainspring gets weaker, it also gets a progressively greater leverage advantage, compensating for the loss of torque and making sure the number of degrees of arc through which the balance swings remains the same. 2 OF 12 Nowadays the fusée is completely unnecessary for practical purposes (especially in a wristwatch, where it takes up a considerable amount of space) but it’s not only aesthetically appealing, but also a pretty big challenge from a craft standpoint, as well as being a strong link to a very, very long history of its implementation in watchmaking. Like beautifully done, hand-executed finish, it doesn’t add anything functionally or practically, but as an element in an haute horlogerie composition it’s extremely appealing.   3 OF 12 4 OF 12 The other watch of this trio to be offered in titanium for the first time is the Zenith El Primero Tourbillon. The El Primero Tourbillon was originally launched back in 2010 and it is, as they say, just what it says on the tin: a combination of one of the newest wristwatch complications – the fast-beat chronograph, from 1969 – with one of the older complications. The tourbillon was patented by Breguet in 1801 though of course, the genesis of the idea certainly pre-dates the grant of the patent. In any case, the interesting thing about this particular combination is that both a fast-beat escapement, and the tourbillon, have the same basic goal, which is to provide better rate stability. The tourbillon does so through canceling out (or averaging out, we should say) the effects of gravity in different positions on the escapement and balance; the fast-beat escapement offers better rate stability because a higher frequency, all other things being equal, means the balance will be less affected by disturbing external forces (everything from physical shocks to changes in temperature). Putting them together in the same watch is pretty inside-baseball stuff – to appreciate the in-joke, you have to have a fair bit of understanding of everything from the physics of oscillators to the history of watchmaking – but if you’ve done the homework, this is a very intellectually appealing piece of work. 5 OF 12 6 OF 127 OF 12 Finally, let’s talk about the Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Georges-Favret Jacot. This is one of those watches that has behind it a pretty long tail. One of the biggest problems in watchmaking, has to do with the force of gravity. For a clock in a static position, gravity’s not a really huge problem because the force of gravity is always pulling in only one direction, and it never changes; in precision horology, you like things that don’t change. The most accurate pendulum clocks, for instance, were usually kept in underground vaults, at constant temperature, humidity, and air pressure. A watch, on the other hand, whether it’s a pocket watch or a wristwatch, always moves around with respect to gravity, and as the direction of pull changes, the rate of the watch changes. 8 OF 12 The whole idea behind the tourbillon was to keep the balance and escapement moving, so that nothing was ever in a position where the effects of gravity would be at their worst for more than a few seconds. Another approach, of course, is to make sure that the escapement and balance are always in the same position. Now for a watch, this is a pretty totally impractical idea, unless you have some system for making sure the regulating system’s always in one position, and one position only, with respect to gravity’s pull. 9 OF 12 ADVERTISEMENT 10 OF 12 The back of the Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane Georges-Favret Jacot, decorated with engraving depicting the founder of Zenith Enter the Christophe Colomb. The critical components of the regulating system are all held inside a suspension system virtually identical to that used for boxed marine chronometers, with one very important difference: power from the mainspring has to get across the two axes of rotation of the cage. This is done through a differential gearing system, and the result is that the mainspring can continue to power the escapement and balance despite the fact that both are inside the suspension. It’s a clever system, for sure, and one that demands a great deal of finesse and precision in construction as well, as the additional gearing required to get torque pushed through the gear train, as well as the differential system, adds a lot of friction and could bring the whole thing to a halt if everything weren’t very carefully made and adjusted. The watch in addition to the gimbal suspension system also has a chain and fusée, as well as a 36,000 vph high frequency balance; and it uses a fusée and chain for power transmission as well.  You could, I suppose, say that all this is a bit overkill, but overkill in the pursuit of the presentation of comprehensive technical solutions in precision watchmaking is what this thing is all about.A couple of points: the suspension system is not gyroscopic, although this type of gimbal system is used in gyroscopic inertial navigation systems.  The position of the oscillator and escapement is maintained by a gold weight at the bottom of the cage.  You may also wonder whether or not the watch is comfortable to wear because of the bubble enclosure's protrusion from the rear of the watch; I've only had this watch on the wrist a couple of times, both for less than half an hour – but it's surprisingly comfortable; after a few minutes the bubble was basically unnoticeable. 11 OF 12 The news from Zenith is that these three watches are now launched. But the three of them together are in many ways a sort of physical encyclopedia of watchmaking. The most basic problem in watchmaking is this: how do you keep external physical forces from upsetting the rate of the watch, and how do you deliver constant force to the escapement? In presenting these solutions – a fast beat escapement; a chain and fusée; a tourbillon; and a self-leveling suspension system – Zenith is both presenting new and traditional solutions to these basic problems, and showing how they can offer not only technical, but aesthetic excitement as well. 12 OF 12 The Zenith El Primero Tourbillon in Titanium: 44 mm x 15.60 mm titanium case; tourbillon chronograph, date indication around the tourbillon carriage; one minute tourbillon; calibre El Primero 4035 D, self-winding tourbillon chronograph. Movement, 37 mm x 7.66 mm. 36,000 vph; 50 hour power reserve. $71,000.The Zenith Academy Georges Favret-Jacot in titanium, in memory of the founder of Zenith: 45 mm x 14.35 mm titanium case; movement, El Primero calibre 4810, hand-wound with fusée and chain; "carbon fiber style" movement finishing.  Power reserve with small seconds; 36,000 vph.  Limited edition of 150 pieces, $76,100.The Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane Georges Favret-Jacot: Limited edition in platinum case. Zenith calibre El Primero 8805, hand-wound 37 mm movement with chain and fusée; self-leveling Cardano-type gimbal suspension system. 50-hour power reserve. 36,000 vph high frequency balance; hours and minutes with small seconds and indication of the power reserve.  Limited edition of 10 pieces, $364,000.See these and a whole lot more right here.
  • Only Watch 2011 Charity Watch Auction
    Each two years we get to enjoy the unique pieces watch brands donate to the Only Watch auction event. Held in Monaco at the Monaco Yacht show in September Only Watch proceeds go to benefit medical research dedicated to fighting Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The auction part is facilitated by Antiquorum.UPDATE: Click here to see my growing list of all the Only Watch 2011 auction pieces.Starting in the spring, participating brands will slowly start to announce the special watches they are offering to the auction. These are often really exciting to see. The Only Watch rules dictate that all watches donated for auction must be unique. This either means the first piece in a limited edition, or a totally unique watch made specially for the event by a brand. None of the watches have been officially debuted yet, but I do have a list of the participating brands. Only Watch 2011 will be held September 22 2011 at 6pm or 4pm GMT time (actual starting time isn't clear yet) in Monaco. Before that the pieces available for auction will be on tour around the world. Lots of new names this year. Here are the brands that will be donating unique pieces for the auction:Audemars PiguetBell & RossBlancpainBovetBreguetCelsius X VI IIChanelChaumetChopardCorumDe BethuneDeLaCourDeWittFranck MullerFrederique ConstantGirard-PerregauxHarry WinstonHermesHublotIkepodJaquet DrozLaurent FerrierLouis VuittonMaurice LacroixMB&FMontblancPatek PhilippePiagetRichard MilleRomain JeromeTag HeuerUlysse NardinUrwerkVacheron ConstantinVan Cleef & ArpelsVulcainZenithLook for updates when brands begin to release the special pieces they made for OnlyWatch 2011.
  • PVD Coated 40/42 mm?
    So with my semi-small wrists a 40 mm watch is just right (I love my pam 048). I really want a pvd/black watch, but want to stick with that size. Anyone have any experience having a 48 or a 352 pvd coated by one of the numerous aftermarket companies?It seems like it would even be significantly cheaper as the cost of the cheapest Pvd pam is in the 8-9k no?Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


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