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    parfect , thank you
    Star [Rating:(5 / 5 stars)]
    Review by Slava D, From:USA Tucson
    Very good Cartier Santos 100 watch, really awesome, definitely worth recommending
    Star [Rating:(5 / 5 stars)]
    Review by solange rault, From:USA Secaucus
    You go girl! unbelievable quality. Dress it up or dress it down. Sassy and upscale.
    Star [Rating:(5 / 5 stars)]
    Review by Gerald Walker, From:France Quesnoy Sur Deule

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      Hello again friends I'm having another dilemma and I need your help. Just when I thought I was set in my collection to not trade anything around anymore I saw a watch that just called my name and made me very confused. My current collection consists of a omega speedy 3570.50 original moon watch I use it as kind of a beater and a little piece of history, an omega seamaster 300master co axial as a dive watch, A Rolex Blnr, a Rolex 116520 Daytona, an Ap 15202 white dial and of course last but not least my Patek 5711 blue dial. So here's my Dillema I recently saw a Patek Philippe 5726 annual calendar on a leather strap at an AD and instantly fell in love. I currently Love all my watches and I'm not in the position to buy this outright so I ask you my friends if I should trade my 5711 for it. Money wise it's not the issue because I was offered great Trade in for my 5711 for a preowned mint 5726 so the difference wouldn't be much and I will stand at a great value. My issue is should I give up this beautiful icon for the 5726 considering my collection or am I making a huge mistake. Thank you all in advanced for your help!!!
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      Hey,As some of you might already know, I'm from India and even though we have a lot of Indian watches available, I still don't have any in my collection.What my question to you guys is, whether or not have you heard/seen/worn/owned any Indian made watches? I'm always thinking of buying one, but I want something that is kinda renowned.I'm not sure which of the companies here have any presence abroad, but I'm secretly hoping, there's a nice little, family owned company, that makes fine, hand made watches, for a few important people Anyone with any info?Thanks
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      How the white gold shines, favorite view of this watch. Loving it. Lets see yours!Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk