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The suitability of a specific watch to Rolex gender Ladies is determined by what the user's style ultimately finds appropriate; but besides color and style there are some historic considerations to help make a determination if a watch is more suitable for a man or woman. Typically in western culture, pink is for female and all other colors can be used without too much controversy for men and women. Does the band fit the generally larger wrist of a male? Important, but this is not a rule as bands can be changed. Leather ones come in regular, long and extra long for example. To help you determine when collecting watches if it fits in the male or female western style category, I find these criteria helpful. The watch case outside or OD of the case size, measured from the non-banded outer edge to the other side across, and not including the crown, is one good gender determining factor. This is important in all watch listings to determine if its suitable for men's or women's use. Typically any watch with a case larger than 25 mm wide is not small enough for most women's wrists or style wishes. This would apply for a dress and jewelry type of watch in most cases. Some women like larger watches for easy viewing and this is fine. Another typical gender indicating measurement and the one I use for my collection, is the band width at the case attachment point. A band 18 mm or greater is suitable for men in my opinion no matter what style the case is. The Hamilton art deco re-issues come to mind. In the 1930s watches in the 26 mm wide case size was typically a men's midsize dress size, such smaller watch cases still had an 18 mm wide leather band typical of men's style, while anything less than 17 mm band size was geared more toward women. Back than smaller was more expensive and impressive. The re-issue Hamilton Ardmore for example is a typical mid size men's case of only 24 mm wide but uses an 18 mm band.

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